Syrena Phu Quoc Land JSC (“Syrena Phu Quoc”), at its sole discretion or as required by local or other authorities, may make alterations to the internal design of the residences at InterContinental® Phu Quoc Long Beach Residences (“Residences”) that may differ from that shown in this material and/or represented in any other marketing materials and/or displays including, but without limitation, to any advertising, marketing and/or sales concepts, programs or materials, or any other content to be posted on any website maintained by Syrena Phu Quoc. Residence designs and materials presented here-in are representative of the intended end product. Actual constructed residences may vary in materials and furnishings. Syrena Phu Quoc, being the current owner and developer of the Residences, is solely responsible for the development, marketing and sale of the Residences. The Residences are not owned, developed or sold by InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, InterContinental Hotels Group (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd. or any of its affiliates (collectively “IHG”). There exists no joint venture, partnership, ownership or similar relationship between Syrena Phu Quoc and IHG. IHG does not make any representations or guarantees of any kind or nature, including without limitation, as to expected or guaranteed rental return. The relevant IHG entity is only the appointed operations consultant and provider of the “InterContinental®” brand to the Residences, and the usage of the name “InterContinental®” and related marks is strictly governed by certain agreements between Syrena Phu Quoc and IHG. The “InterContinental®” name, design, logomarks, trademarks and related marks are the exclusive properties of IHG that are not owned or controlled by Syrena Phu Quoc nor by BIM Group. The purchasers or owners of the Residences shall acquire no interest of any kind or nature in the InterContinental brand, logomarks or related trademarks and may not use them in connection with the resale of any Residence or for any other purpose. The engagement of IHG as operations consultant and provider of “InterContinental®” brand to the Residences is not in perpetuity and may end at any time without notice to or consent of purchasers or owners at the Residences, in which event the InterContinental brand will be disassociated from the Residences and no reference to the InterContinental brand shall be applied to the Residences. In addition, by consenting to Syrena Phu Quoc’s and BIM Group’s limited use of IHG’s trade and logo marks, IHG does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, currency, reliability or completeness of the information in this document and IHG is not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any claim, loss or damage arising out of or related to information set out in this document.